How to Start a Roasted Corn (Maize) Business and Make Profit

Are you wondering how to start a roasted corn business but don’t know where to begin? Well, starting this business is actually quite simple. In fact, it’s one of the easiest small businesses you can start in Africa. The main thing you need is a small capital investment.

As we all know, roasted maize is usually a road side thing. Only few people run this business in a small building. It is kind of stressful and sometimes, unpleasant for the seller. However, the business is still profitable no doubt.

I will share the correct approach for starting a small roasted corn business and making it profitable. This approach has helped some of my clients who ventured into the business to achieve significant profits in the same year they started. You can also find out how to start a spare part business at ikoku market and make profit.

What roasted corn business is all about?

Roasted corn, also known as roasted maize, is simply the process of roasting a whole corn. Once roasted, it becomes a delectable food. Roasted corn is highly popular in Africa and certain parts of North America. The fondness for this local delicacy has created a small business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. This business involves purchasing corn in large quantities and roasting it to serve consumers and generate profit.

The roasting business typically operates on the roadside or in markets, making it an unconventional venture. However, it can be quite lucrative for those who understand the trade.

It’s important to note that this business is seasonal and can only be started during a specific time, which is the rainy season. During this period, people crave hot corn to satisfy their desire for warmth.

How to start a roasted corn business

When starting a roasted corn business, there are process you have to follow in other to achieve success, which includes:

1. Decide where and how to get corns

Before starting this business, you should be able to decide where and how to get the corns you will be roasting. For example, some people plant the corns themselves in their lands, while others get the corns from vendors who sell them cheaper.

If you own a land, then it is advisable to plant the corns instead of buying them. Although, you have to make a perfect timing when planting, so that the corns would have been matured during the rainy season. If you do not own a land, then look for someone who you can borrow from, or you can buy the corns instead.

2. Decide where to start the business

Like I said earlier, you do not need a shop or any building to start roasting corns, because a shop is not necessary for this kind of business. However, you do need a busy environment where a lot of people can be found. Decide a good location for this business, and choose an eye catching spot at the side of the road.

Find a good spot and make necessary arrangements with the right authority around that area. A good spot in your area or local market maybe what you need to take on your corn roasting business.

3. Get your capital ready

As soon as you finalize how to get the corns and where you will stay, it is important to start preparing your start-up capital. Your capital is the money you will use to start the business, which is usually from ₦20,000 or above.

You can start this business with ₦10,000 up to ₦20,000 depending on the equipments you already have. Another thing that may increase your capital is the space you are occupying, you may be charged for that. However, if you select a spot in your street, then you may likely get it for free.

4. Purchase equipments for the business

There are equipments needed for this business, and you should do well to purchase them on time even before buying the corns. Without the required equipment, you may not be able to roast your corns. So what are these equipment?

Below are the required equipment for starting a roasted corn business:

  • Charcoal – This item is responsible for generating the fire you will use for roasting.
  • A roasting pan – This item is the main equipment needed for roasting your corns. You put the charcoal inside and cover the surface with a iron object that looks like basket
  • A table – You won’t be roasting your corns on the floor. Therefore, you need a long table to lift your roasting pan up.
  • Local hand fan – This hand fan helps you to increase the heat of the charcoal in other to roast the corns faster.

5. Wait for rainy season

Roasting of corns have its own period, and that period is called the “rainy season”. You may not succeed if you try to sell your roasted corn outside, because consumers will not find it attractive. Nobody wants to eat hot corn in the hot sun.

In Nigeria, the rainy season usually begins between the middle of May and the beginning of June.

6. Get your corns

If you planted your corns on time, they will eventually mature before the rainy season and set for business. But if you did not plant, then you can buy from people who planted the maize. In whatever you do, make sure you get the corns in a cheaper rate, so you can make huge profit.

6. Buy African pear or coconut

After getting the corns in quantity, the next thing you should do is to buy other necessary food items like African pear and coconut to join with. Most people don’t like eating roasted corn alone. It is either they add it with African pear or with coconut.

7. Start roasting

As soon as everything, including raining season is set, then you can start roasting your corns and African pears. You can as well peel the coconut and set them for consumers.

8. Arrange your business

Quickly arrange your business before your customers arrive. Set the roasted corn to look pleasing in the eyes. Also put the coconut and African pears where they are supposed to be. Do not forget to set the prices for each corn, coconut and African pear depending on their sizes.

Is roasted corn business profitable?

Roasted corn business is a lucrative small business, especially when done on a large scale. However, this business is seasonal and therefore should not be a full-time endeavor. If you’re planning to start, endeavor to make it large scale so you can maximize your profit.


We have now reached the conclusion of this valuable information. However, prior to commencing, here are several useful suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Engage in collaboration with nearby farmers: Foster alliances with farmers in your area to guarantee a consistent provision of top-notch corn. This not only contributes to the support of local agriculture but also enhances your business’s standing for utilizing fresh ingredients.

2. Develop a distinctive selling proposition: Stand out in the roasted corn market by introducing a one-of-a-kind seasoning mixture or a signature sauce that distinguishes your product from competitors.

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